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Best WordPress Themes of 2018

We love WordPress as much as you. Which is why we have put together the top 20 WordPress themes from 2018.

  1. Avada 5.4

Avada 5.4


Avada 5.4 is an incredible update that continues their promise to customers of adding more to their purchase. Avada 5.4 includes 3 new premium plugins worth more that $100 for FREE, totaling over $250 for all plugins included for anyone updating or buying Avada. ACF Pro, Convert Plus & Fusion White Label Branding!

2. The7 — Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

the7 preview toolkit. large preview


The7 | the Most Customisable WordPress Theme on the Market!

The7 features full and seamless integration with Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons. Most our buyers agree that The7 is the best theme to be used with these plugins, up to date!

Its 750+ Theme Options allows to craft almost any imaginable design. And Design Wizard feature lets you create a boutique-grade website design in mere minutes.

The7 comes bundled with Visual Composer page builder, Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, Go Pricing Tables and ConvertPlug. It is also fully compatible with most popular plugins like WooCommerce, WPML, Yoast SEO, All in One WP Migration, W3 Total Cache and many others.
You get the ultimate website building toolkit for as low as $39!

And, yes, The7 is mobile friendly (certified by Google) and SEO-ready.

3. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

be theme large preview


BeTheme is the best product we ever did. This is more than just WordPress theme. Such advanced options panel and Drag&Drop builder tool give unlimited possibilities. To show you how theme works, we have created 15 thematic websites so you can see how amazing this product is.

It can not be described with any words. You must see it!

4. Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

total multipurpose wordpress_theme large preview


Total is a modern and responsive WordPress theme that combines the power of the WordPress Customizer and the Visual Composer page builder to allow you to create a website for virtually anything. The theme was created with many different niches and professions in mind – corporations, small business, online stores, lawyers, agencies, wedding planners, hosting companies, non-profits, bloggers and more. We’ve made sure to include enough features and settings so that you can create pretty much any site! Have a look at our growing list of demos so you can get a glimpse at what is possible with the Total premium WordPress theme.

The Freelancer’s Dream Theme: If you are a freelancer you will especially enjoy using the Total theme. Long gone are the days where you would have to search for a new theme for each client. Once you get familiar with Total you’ll want to use it on all your client sites making things easier and faster! You can start out by importing one of our beautiful online demos and tweak it for your client’s needs or simply develop the site from scratch by adding your page content with the page builder and tweaking your design and main theme settings via the live WordPress customizer.

5. Enfold – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

preview large preview


Enfold is a cleansuper flexible and fully responsive WordPress Theme (try resizing your browser), suited for business websites, shop websites, and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site. The Theme is built on top of the fabulous Avia Framework and offers support for the WPML MULTI LANGUAGE plugin, just in case you need it.

It comes with a plethora of options so you can modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the backend. Build your own clean skin or use one of 18 predefined skins right out from your WordPress Admin Panel. Font, background and color options as well as the dynamic template builder will help you create the Website you need in no time. In addition to the global options you can set unique styling options for each entry as seen in the theme demo

6. Bridge – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

bridge large preview


BRIDGE is a retina multi-purpose WordPress theme built on the very powerful and flexible framework by QODE. You can easily import any of the example demo sites. Choose your favorite design or style, and import pages and settings with the easy-to-use one click import feature. You can have a fully equipped website up and running within just a few minutes. Bridge is not just a theme, it’s a collection of amazing examples with tons of features.

7. Flatsome | Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

themeforest poster large preview


Flatsome Overview

  • Free Lifetime updates!
  • WordPress 4.8+ Ready
  • WooCommerce 3.1, 3.2+ Ready
  • WPML Ready (.po files included)
  • SEO Optimised
  • Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Online Documentation –
  • Supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8+
  • Catalog Mode Option (Hide cart and checkout functionality)
  • Easy Updates using Envato WordPress Toolkit
  • Child Theme included
  • Demo content included!
  • PSD files and assets included

8. X | The Theme

large large preview


Stacks – X includes multiple unique designs inside of one powerful WordPress theme, and we refer to these designs as “Stacks.” There are currently four Stacks available in X. It’s like buying one theme and constantly getting access to new designs all the time! The links below take you to the main demo for each Stack, however we have created multiple unique demos for each Stack so be sure to check them all out.

9. Jupiter – Multi-Purpose Responsive Theme

preview large preview


Unlimited Business Website Templates with Jupiter WordPress Theme!

Create a clean and beautiful website for your business with the fastest and lightest business wordpress theme in the market.

Jupiter is a perfect solution for all kinds of businesses from corporations, shop owners and small businesses to startups, artists and bloggers. With over 70,000 active users, Jupiter business WordPress theme gives you the power to create a unique-looking website with an easy-to-use drag and drop page builder that?s fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-optimised. On top of that, Jupiter comes equipped with the WooCommerce plugin to help give your business the exposure it needs by opening an online shop. You can also choose from 160+ business website templates as a quick start.

10. Newspaper

newspaper large preview


Newspaper is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. We offer great support and friendly help!

The Newspaper template is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It also supports videos from YouTube and features a rating system. So far, we have the theme integrated with bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, Buddy Press, and WooCommerce. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.


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Friday, January 26, 2018

How do I install Docker CE on CentOS 7?


  1. Docker is only supported on 64-bit systems, so make sure you have installed the correct OS. Check your architecture by running the following command:
  2. centos-extra repository needs to be enabled.

How to install Docker CE on CentOS 7

You have 2 methods to install Docker CE:

Method 1 – Install using the repository (Recommended)

Install the required packages

yum install -y yum-utils device-mapper-persistent-data lvm2

yum-utils provides the yum-config-manager utility. device-mapper-persistent-data and lvm2 are required by the devicemapper storage driver.

Setup the Docker repository

Run the following to setup the docker repository:

yum-config-manager --add-repo

Installing Docker CE

Run the following to install the latest Docker CE version:

yum install docker-ce

Method 2 – Manually install using the RPM

Download the RPM

Go to and download the Docker version you want to install. Use wget, for example:


Installing Docker CE

Install the downloaded version of Docker CE using the following command:

yum install /your-path/to/package.rpm

Docker CE is now installed.

Start/Stop Docker service

Start the docker service using the following command:

systemctl start docker

If you want to enable the Docker Service at boot time :

systemctl enable docker

To stop the docker service:

systemctl stop docker

Verify installation

Verify the Docker CE installation by using either:

docker --version


docker info

Uninstalling Docker CE

Uninstall Docker by running:

yum remove docker-ce

Delete all images, containers, and volumes using:

rm -rf /var/lib/docker

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cheap Hosting for PBN

Cheap Hosting for PBN

Cheap Hosting for PBN is probably among the greatest mistakes people make when they set up their personal blog networks. Why? Since there’s a great deal of incorrect information out there about the ideal method of hosting your own PBN. In the following guide, I’ll show you precisely how to host your PBN websites in away that they’ll never ever get discovered, just like if you’re a part of the Assassin’s Creed.

What You Will Learn

The significance of special IP addresses in personal site networks — what is the deal with exceptional C-Block IP addresses? Why is it important to get them to your PBN websites?

The 3 kinds of Cheap Hosting for PBN you can utilize for your PBN websites — SEO hosting (not utilize that), cheap hosting, hosting and reseller hosting.

The Significance Of Particular IP Addresses In Personal Blog Networks

I am certain that many people that are getting to the personal site network matter have wondered why they can not just host all of their PBN websites on a single hosting account or the reason why they can not utilize SEO hosting — and the response to this is fairly obvious for many.

The challenge is that the PBN would get discovered faster than the speed of light (299,792,458 m/s). Why? Well, that is pretty obvious also. I mean, besides the fact that every one of the sites will point to the very same nameservers, there is also the issue of the IPs.

Now, I am sure many have also heard of this word exceptional C-Block IP addresses although not all understand what this means. Therefore, allow me to start off this section by clarifying precisely this using an extremely simple illustration.

Most of us know the way the typical IPv4 addresses seem like right? Something like:

At this time you can see that the IP address is split by 3 dots that essentially split it into 4 segments i.e. AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD. And of course, the C-Block of this IP address is your third number. And that’s something quite important in regards to PBN websites.

The rule of thumb is that you would like to have, at least, exceptional C-Block IP addresses to your PBN websites. So what that Signifies is that something similar to the following Isn’t private and safe whatsoever:

Right? You are able to see that that C-Block of this IP address is exactly the exact same and that essentially changes the term “personal” on your PBN into the term “people”. So clearly, what we need is to our PBN websites to have at least exceptional C-Block IP addresses:

Obviously, the best case scenario will be to allow them to be wholly unique, however, again, the rule of thumb is that in minimum your C-Block ought to be unique. Alright, now that we cleared that from the way, let us look at the three hosting choices you have in regards to private site networks.

The 3 Kinds Of Cheap Hosting for PBN You Can Use For The PBN Websites

Alright, so you have found some great expired domains to your PBN and today you’re ready to set up sites on these and get started building top quality backlinks from the PBN to your cash websites. However, where do you sponsor each of these gorgeous domains available? Well, you essentially have three choices:

SEO hosting — again, just don’t take action.

Affordable hosting — feasible for small to medium sized personal site networks.

Reseller hosting — for bigger PBNs.

Let us begin with the first choice you’ve got and the one that you just should not ever go with.

SEO Hosting For PBN Websites

Right from the get-go, I firmly emphasized on the fact that SEO hosting is a really poor approach for personal blog networks. Why bother seeing it as an alternative? Since it amazes me just how a lot of individuals still proceed with this. I guess that is the power of advertising eh?

Anyhow, I will churn out a thousand reasons why to not go with SEO hosting to your PBN websites, but the simpler thing to do is that you just trust me. I mean, SEO hosting specifically targets individuals who wish to host sites for SEO purposes. What that creates is a really poor area.

Every one of these SEOs that host their own sites with SEO Hosting firms have their PBNs connecting to cash websites and not all of them understand what they’re doing this if somebody screws up something, they might not be the only one carrying a penalty from Google if you understand exactly what I mean.

The point is, just don’t proceed with SEO hosting. SEO hosting firms typically would have that specific same key word in their name or slogan somewhere so beware. Moving on to alternative number two — cheap hosting.

Affordable Hosting For PBN Websites

As I mentioned a little bit over, this really is the smartest choice for little to midsize private site networks. It’s a little bit time consuming since you’ll need to set up accounts with numerous hosting firms, but nowadays, all of these have created quite user friendly platforms which need only a couple clicks in your part so that it should not be a great deal of work that you set up your PBN websites.

Reseller Hosting For PBN Websites

For those unaware, reseller hosting is essentially the purchase price of hosting out of 1 firm and then reselling it to others — typically for a gain.
And that I will then apply these tools to market them to other individuals searching for cheap hosting and also create simple gain. Nonetheless, in the instance of a PBN, of course, we aren’t purchasing the reseller hosting because of its overall purpose, but instead, for the simple fact that it provides us precisely the things we desire for PBN hosting — special domain names, a great deal of space and bandwidth, also, in certain scenarios, exceptional C-Block IP addresses.

I mentioned in some specific instances because not all of reseller hosting programs provide this attribute and as we found in part one of this guide, we need our PBN websites to get at least exceptional C-Block IP addresses. Consequently, in case you opt to go for this strategy, you want to first discuss your requirements with the hosting firm where you intend on purchasing reseller hosting.

Now, a Couple of important things to notice about reseller hosting for PBN websites are:

You do not want it unless you’ve got 40 — 50 or more websites on your personal blog network.

You should not host all of your PBN websites on one reseller hosting accounts. Something like 10 — 15 percent is the overall limit.

You do not wish to link to exactly the exact same money website from more than 1 domain on precisely the exact same reseller hosting accounts. Therefore, in the event that you sponsor 10 PBN websites on one reseller account, you would like to restrict the links to one money site to just one of those 10 PBN websites.

Thus again, you have to understand what you’re doing in case you choose to choose reseller hosting. Do your research ahead, understand the overall rules of PBN security, and then choose the most suitable choice for your PBN.


So to summarize what we covered in this Cheap Hosting for PBN post, we all need is only a single sentence. Be certain that you use in the least special C-Block IP addresses for every PBN website, don’t use SEO hosting, utilize Cheap Hosting for PBN for small to medium sized personal site networks, and use reseller hosting for bigger PBNs.

You really do have the mix option wherein you may combine cheap hosting with reseller hosting to create your PBN much safer, therefore do also take this into account when you’re coming up with a strategy for the hosting of your personal blog network websites. You can host a number of those websites on some reseller hosting accounts and then host the remainder on cheap hosting accounts. However, no matter what you do, your number one priority ought to be security rather than cash saving.

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What is Bitcoin?

Should you keep current with all the web hosting business news you may have encounter ‘Bitcoin’.

It appears that barely a day goes by with no web host announcing they’ve embraced Bitcoin as a payment method.

However, is Bitcoin just another PayPal? Can it be a brand new money?

What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ (or even ‘virtual money’) which may be utilized as a payment method, but it is not a physical money like pennies and dollars. It arrived on the scene in 2009 as a “peer reviewed” payment system that contested more conventional kinds of online payment.

Up until Bitcoin individuals had accepted the concept that a third party intermediary was required to create a payment on the net. Whether it had been a lender, or even a company like PayPal, the intermediary acted as the medium of transport, and naturally, took a commission for the services.

Without a middlemen so to speak, moving cash by Bitcoin means substantially lower transactional fees. And the other reasons, making Bitcoin incredibly appealing.

Who possesses Bitcoin?

Internet folklore has it that Bitcoin was made by Satoshi Nakamoto. Though Nakamoto’s name appeared on the first 2008 research paper that initially mentioned Bitcoin, he’s never been correctly identified.

Back in February 2014, Newsweek magazine failed to locate somebody named Satoshi Nakamoto they believed was that the Bitcoin founder, but after contested, the guy they discovered indicated that he understood nothing concerning the cryptocurrency!

Since that time several titles are indicated, culminating in Australian entrepreneur Craig S. Wright in late 2015. Other suggestions have included the title ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was really passed around a succession of programmers who took turns using it.

While a person may indeed have established Bitcoin, it is just as listed data and isn’t so owned in the sense that a firm like ‘Paypal’ is possessed.

Can Be Bitcoin legitimate?

Bitcoin has had a chequered history. It’s at times been tagged a “electronic Ponzi scheme” and having an online technology, it’s been connected to the “Deep Web” or “Dark Web” — that is the 90 percent of the net that may only be obtained with a ‘Tor Browser Bundle’ (instead of Google Chrome!) .

This is the planet of ‘Silk Road’, drug dealing and other crime.

And since you do not need to use a title when you’re creating a Bitcoin trade, then it’s also the money of choice for hackers!

Besides associations using the murkier side of the world wide web, Bitcoin has had other issues.

MtGox, a top Bitcoin supplier, dropped in February 2014 leaving Bitcoin owners having tens of thousands of dollars worth of reductions.

Despite setbacks, Bitcoin has certainly come of age, and it has gone very much mainstream. As we mentioned at the start of the report, a growing number of web hosts accept Bitcoin, but also the likes of Microsoft today take it — and it will not get much more mainstream than that!

Other firms such as online travel booking service Expedia take Bitcoin, as does WordPress, and, as you may imagine, numerous pizza delivery providers accept Bitcoin!

What’s Bitcoin appreciated?

Bitcoin’s worth is set by a set of complicated mathematical formulas and above the previous year its worth has practically doubled.

As with other monies, it’s also valued based on what the market will cover it and also the quantity of action around the money.

Unlike conventional legal tender, there aren’t any Bitcoin coins and notes. A Bitcoin ledger exists that is in essence a listing of every Bitcoin trade that has ever taken place.

In the time of going to press on the worth of a single Bitcoin is well worth a staggering $2,841.25!

Its degree of expansion means that if you had purchased $1,000 of Bitcoin in 2010 you’d be a millionaire 35 occasions more than now!

I know I will make Bitcoins. How can I do this?

1 way you may make Bitcoins would be to you involve yourself in ‘Bitcoin mining’.

Bitcoin mining is the practice of incorporating trade records to Bitcoin’s people ledger of previous transactions.

‘Bitcoin miners’ get Bitcoins as a reward for doing so.

Having said that, nowadays you require a LOT of servers to create any real cash Bitcoin mining.

Exactly how extensive is Bitcoin?

Presently there are roughly 15 million Bitcoins ‘in flow’, however, the highest quantity of Bitcoins cannot exceed 21 million. This offers the money more stability when compared to other monies where printing cash is uncontrolled — Bitcoin is controlled and consequently has real price.

What’s Bitcoin controlled?

There’s a massive database of all Bitcoin trades past and current. A community of ‘nodes’ track when Bitcoins are sold and comprehend efforts to re-spend Bitcoins who have already been invested. It is a relatively stable system.

How can you utilize Bitcoin?

To utilize Bitcoin you have to set up a ‘virtual pocket’. Virtual pockets are offered via a range of sites — Blockchain being the most recognized.

As an alternative, you can purchase Bitcoin through internet exchanges. A number of the best known exchanges comprise Coinbase, LocalBitcoins, Kraken, BitStamp and BTC-e.

Believe it or not, Bitcoin ATMs are also now available, as are lots of Bitcoin mobile programs.

How can you get Bitcoin?

To acquire your Bitcoins you want a ‘Bitcoin speech’. Each wallet is related to an address.

It is possible to save digital pockets onto a computer hard disk or onto a cell phone, but recall — in case your hard disk fails or your cellular phone bricks, then your Bitcoins have gone forever!

To acquire your Bitcoins you will need a ‘Bitcoin speech’. Each wallet is related to an address.
It is possible to save digital pockets onto a computer hard disk or onto a cell phone, but recall — in case your hard disk fails or your cellular phone bricks, then your Bitcoins have gone forever!

How can you invest Bitcoin?

A Bitcoin address comprises 24-34 letters and numbers and Bitcoins are just transferred between addresses. As each pocket has a Bitcoin speech, sending and receiving cash is rather easy – Bitcoins are just eliminated from 1 pocket and additional to another.

Is it here to remain?

Whether Bitcoin is here to remain very much depends upon who you talk to.

A Forbes post in June 2017 inquires if Bitcoin is intending to “self-destruct” (Bitcoin Is At An All-Time High, But Can It Be About To Self-Destruct? ).

The issues Seem to lie inside the Bitcoin community itself:

“The power battle” this report implies is “within the apparently straightforward question of how to update the system to handle more trades”.

Though the tiniest Bitcoin unit is your “Satoshi” — just one hundred percent of a Bitcoin — its rising value means transport fees are rising and it is becoming almost unsuitable for some kinds of trades.

On the other hand, the overall consensus is that Bitcoin has got this way and it’s going to be here for the long haul!

How can I accept Bitcoin obligations for my (web hosting) company?

There are a vast selection of Merchant Services that will allow you to accept Bitcoin payments.

You might even use ‘Point-of-Sale’ hardware terminal alternatives like Coinkite, XBTerminal, and BitStraat.

These components are extremely reminiscent of the payment terminals it is possible to use for credit card transactions.

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Quality Shared Hosting

There are a variety of kinds of shared hosting plans suitable for different websites in regards to the tools or the shared hosting system they require. To decide on the most appropriate shared hosting service to your internet portal, you need to estimate what server-side computer software applications it requires, the number of daily visits you anticipate at the start and later on, in addition to any other special demands that might have to be fulfilled.

The most important selection for small web portals using a few hundred or even several million audiences is a shared hosting option. With this kind of internet space hosting, every user pays only to their strategy, which reduces the whole cost per person radically. There are numerous web hosting programs varying from a hosting company into another, offering different levels of hard disk storage space and bandwidth, distinct email address accounts quotas and so forth. The fact remains that you could purchase a program which can incorporate the specifications that your site actually needs. You aren’t going to need to pay plenty of money to get a package you won’t make use of, or end up using a small sized accounts that may not host the internet portal. We, in Vek Hosting, provide a huge choice of shared hosting packages suitable for personal or small business web sites which even offer pre-activated script-powered platforms such as Joomla, Mambo, Drupal or even WordPress – to leave matters easier. If you start with a low-price accounts and you need more features, updating to a greater strategy demands only a mouse click.

Shared web hosting – Negative Sides

A negative component of the shared web hosting platform is that the web servers have some applications platforms installed on them and you can’t activate extra software platforms. Some sites, notably online storefronts, require software to be installed on the server for them to operate, and using a shared web hosting environment, it is possible to activate only software applications which don’t require complete root-level accessibility.

Personal Digital Web Servers and Dedicated Servers

For internet portals which request complete server root access, or if your internet portal site has many 1000’s or perhaps 1 000 000’s of traffic daily, what you need is a virtual private servers or a dedicated server. A virtual private web hosting server is a software emulation of a dedicated alternative and it functions in precisely the same method.

Virtual Web Hosting Servers

Both options normally include complete root access and can be rebooted by means of a software application by the customer, autonomously from the internet hosting provider. Comparable to the shared website hosting programs, the virtual private servers along with the dedicated web hosting server programs include varied specifications based on just what the web hosting provider has to offer you. A VPS web server bundle has ensured data storage, random access memory and processor use quotas that could sometimes be enlarged for brief periods of time on state that you will find free tools on the physical server. Having a dedicated server, the only limit is that the hardware gear it’s using, and it may be configured by altering or appending components. A VPS web hosting server is easier to manage as it entails virtualization software, which may be used to restart it, to set up software applications, track data, etc. The management of a dedicated server is much more complicated, so this kind of account would preferably be used by educated users.

Dedicated Web Servers

However, some suppliers supply managed dedicated web server hosting alternatives where they operate hosting server management processes on behalf of their client. This is sometimes a portion of bundle or an additional feature.

Before Selecting…

Picking out the top hosting strategy is vital since it may have an impact on the correct operation of a web site. Before choosing an account, compare the advantages and disadvantages, analyze thoroughly all of the preconditions for the internet portal site to operate correctly, particularly if it’s script-based. And if you’re still in doubt that one is your most common shared hosting service to you, ask our live chat operators or phone us – our sales representatives will be delighted to assist you and answer all of your queries.

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