Saturday, October 31, 2015

Our Network

At Quick Click Hosting we make sure we work with the best people to ensure we have the most reliable network for our customers.

Our focus is on our network security, reliability and speed to ensure your data is safe and easily accessible.

With our UK model working out so well, we have now started to replicate that model across the globe so everyone can have their site hosted where ever they want.


Our High Security Network

qch double serverTo guarantee the maximum redundancy and availability of your Quick Click Hosting product or server internet connection, all links are at least doubled at every routing point.

Two Cisco routers (each with two network cards) make up the physical connection to your server. The fiber optic cables are at least doubled, and sometimes tripled. Read more on our security page.

High Quality Infrastructure

Our routing infrastructure is essentially based on Cisco products utilizing the worlds best networking company.

Some of our Cisco hardware that we have trusted in include a Cisco ASR 9000 router, a Cisco Nexus 7 switch, a Cisco 6K router and Cisco 3650 switches.

Content Delivery Network

With the Infrastructure Content Delivery Network, your content has a world-wide presence! By bringing your site geographically nearer to your visitors, you’ll speed up loading times.

The cached content is duplicated in several regions of the world on our CDN network, ensuring that it gets redirected to the PoP nearest to the user, in record time. Read more on our CDN page

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